About Maher Ishak Woodbury Pharmacy

An entrepreneur and licensed pharmacist, Maher Ishak resides in Highland Mills, New York, where he serves the local community in a variety of capacities. As the proprietor of Woodbury Pharmacy, Maher Ishak provides a range of pharmaceutical goods and services, including personalized medication consultations. Maher Ishak’s pharmacy also offers 24-hour emergency care for patients who need immediate attention outside normal pharmacy hours. Maher Ishak’s career as a pharmacist is characterized by an admirable dedication to all of his customers’ needs. Recognized as one of the most dependable pharmacists in Orange County, New York, Maher Ishak regularly receives letters of thanks and praise for his customer service. In conjunction with his pharmaceutical endeavors, Maher Ishak supports numerous charities and community organizations. Actively involved in the Virgin Mary & St. Pakhomious Coptic Orthodox Church in Stony Point, New York, Maher Ishak serves on the church’s charitable and social committees, facilitating church activities. Supporting St. Mark’s American Coptic Youth Association, Maher Ishak provides much-needed financial assistance to promote the spiritual, social, and economic wellbeing of Egyptian children who experience poverty and discrimination. Maher Ishak also makes charitable donations to Coptic Orphans, an organization committed to unlocking the potential of children in Egypt through grassroots volunteer networks. A native of Egypt, Maher Ishak completed his pharmaceutical training at the University of Cairo and continues to maintain professional ties to Egypt as a member of the Pharmaceutical Egyptian Association. Married to Irena Ishak, Maher Ishak is the father of six children – four boys and two girls. Maher Ishak’s eldest daughter and son, Mary and Raymond, both chose to pursue a career in pharmacy, following in their father’s footsteps. Mark, Maher Ishak’s middle son, is currently completing medical school, and Amanda, his youngest daughter, is enrolled in pharmacy school. Daniel and Nicholas, one and three years old respectively, are still a bit young for the family business.


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