Places to Fish in New York

An established pharmacist, Maher Ishak runs Woodbury Pharmacy in Highland Mills, New York. When he is not filling prescriptions or performing administrative tasks at Woodbury Pharmacy, Maher Ishak enjoys swimming and fishing.

Home to stripers, trout, salmon, and more, New York State offers more than 7,500 lakes and ponds to fish. The following are areas to consider fishing in New York.

1. Spanning 1,300 acres in northeast region of the state, Blue Mountain Lake gives fishers access to panfish, catfish, crappie, and bass. If fishing for the latter, attempting to catch bass during a feeding spree may increase a fisher’s odds of getting a bite.

2. Providing an ideal environment for salmon, Lake George offers fishers 28,000 acres of water. While many favor catching salmon with lighter tackle, some situations require heavier equipment. Taking time to learn how these landlocked salmon migrate to different parts of the lake depending on the season will help anglers select an appropriate spot to go after these fish.

3. Seneca Lake is located in Geneva, New York, and covers 43,000 acres. The body of water offers a variety of species, ranging from bass to trout. Brown trout, a cautious fish, traditionally inhabit still water that has lots of places to hide. Venturing toward areas that offer overhanging trees, cuts in the bank, and rock shelves will increase one’s chance of hooking brown trout.


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