How Your Pharmacist Can Help

As owner and supervising pharmacist of Woodbury Pharmacy in Highland Mills, New York, Maher Ishak has received numerous letters from grateful patients. These letters speak to Maher Ishak’s commitment to serving and educating all clients of Woodbury Pharmacy.

Pharmacists do much more than place medication in a container and send it home with a patient. As professionals with advanced education, they possess an in-depth knowledge of chemistry and physiology as well as health management. Pharmacists know the intended effects of the pharmaceuticals they dispense as well as any potential side effects, and they can also assess the possible interactions if a patient is taking more than one medication at a time.

Good pharmacists uphold a professional commitment to educating each patient about the medications that he or she takes. They also welcome questions about how, when, and why to take a medication. Pharmacists can assist patients in determining whether a particular experience is a side effect of a medication, and they can help patients to understand what foods and supplements to avoid while on certain medications. In addition, a pharmacist understands the drugs available and may be able to assist a patient in talking to his or her doctor about generic alternatives.


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