Pharmacy Management

Maher Ishak previously served as staff pharmacist at Grand Union Pharmacy and Good Samaritan Hospital. Moreover, he has been the owner, manager, and supervising pharmacist at Woodbury Pharmacy for nearly 20 years. Under the management of Maher Ishak, Woodbury Pharmacy received a nomination for the best pharmacy in Orange County, New York, for two years in a row.

With effective management, a pharmacy can operate smoothly and ensure that its employees are well-versed in their duties. Using the guidelines set down in sources such as pharmacy law, HIPPA compliance, and Medicare Part B protocols, a pharmacy manager can develop standard operating procedures that work optimally for his or her workplace.

In addition, the pharmacy manager is well-advised to involve other members of staff in problem-solving processes. This contributes to unity, increased confidence, and a sense of belonging. Speaking to members of staff can also help the manager determine which of them work best together and makes it possible to structure the schedule for maximum efficiency. In addition, working with employees to demonstrate and explain best practices allows for the identification and solution of problems before they become major issues.


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