A Pharmacist’s Role in Medication Compliance

As owner and operator of Woodbury Pharmacy in Highland Mills, New York, Maher Ishak devotes himself to patient safety. Because of Maher Ishak’s dedication to patient health and education, readers of the local Straus News have named Woodbury Pharmacy the top business of its kind in the area two years in succession.

The pharmacist plays a key role in helping patients take their medication effectively and safely.
Statistics show that misinformation accounts for approximately 55 percent of cases in which patients improperly take medications. Many patients do not understand what the medication is intended for, while others are unable to recognize symptoms of side effects from medication.

To help a patient develop this understanding, a pharmacist must know what questions to ask and how to make patients feel comfortable enough to ask their own questions. Pharmacists can begin by establishing a trusting relationship and encouraging patients to talk about how they feel on their medications. Pharmacists should also encourage patients to tell them about any other medications or supplements they are taking, which will allow the pharmacist to identify potential interactions.


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