Prescription Drug Costs Under Obamacare

Woodbury Pharmacy’s owner and operator since 1995, Maher Ishak oversees both the front-end and administrative aspects of Woodbury Pharmacy. As part of his duties, Maher Ishak fills prescriptions for patients with a wide variety of insurance plans.

Under the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, approved health insurance plans must include a prescription drug coverage element. This stands in contrast to the state of coverage prior to ACA implementation, when almost 20 percent of individually purchased plans did not include drug coverage. However, according to one study, the increase in overall coverage does correlate with an overall increase in drug costs for those with government-sponsored health plans.

According to a study by HealthPocket, patients with Obamacare plans currently pay more for both preferred brand and specialty drugs under the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum level plans than they did before the ACA. Co-payments for generic drugs have also increased under the two lower-level plans, although all four levels of plan require a higher out-of-pocket payout for these medications. Covered medications vary by state, so patients should consult with their pharmacist or health insurance company to discuss what drugs are currently available to patients with a particular plan type.


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