Seeking Pharmacists’ Counsel

Maher Ishak has served the public as a pharmacist for more than 25 years. Currently the owner and manager of Woodbury Pharmacy in Highland Mills, New York, Maher Ishak has received numerous letters of thanks for his high level of patient service.

When starting a new medication, all patients should understand how, when, and why to take it. A major component of a pharmacist’s job is providing the answers to these questions, but patients must take the initiative to ask. Patients need to understand how often to take the medication, how long to take it, whether to take it with food, and if it is best to take it during a particular time of day. Patients should also ask what effect the medication is expected to have on the body, and what symptoms or conditions the patient should expect it to alleviate.

Patients should follow up on this question by asking if there are any potential side effects or interactions. A patient can help the pharmacist give the most helpful guidance by sharing the names of any and all other drugs, supplements, and vitamins he or she is taking. Patients can also ask if the medication can exacerbate any allergies and if they should avoid any particular food or drink while taking it.


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