Maher Ishak on the Pharmacist Licensing Requirements in New York State

Drawing on 20 years of pharmaceutical experience, Maher Ishak owns and manages the Woodbury Pharmacy in New York. Maher Ishak obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in Cairo, Egypt, and managed two pharmacies in Egypt before immigrating to the United States.

Candidates for licensure as a pharmacists must have reached the age of 21, be of good character, and meet all the requirements for higher education, examination success, and amount of work experience. The educational criterion requires that candidates obtain at least a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from an educational institution that has accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. Proof of study completion includes a degree certificate with a conferral date as well as an academic transcript.

Alternatively, programs with accreditation from the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs are accepted. Foreign qualifications that meet the entry standards for the pharmaceutical profession by a recognized local civil authority may also be accepted, in conjunction with other official certification requirements. The pharmacist licensing examination is divided into three parts, and a pass result in all sections is compulsory for licensure. Applicants then obtain a limited permit for practice of pharmacology under supervision. The entire process, including the licensure fee and limited intern permit fee, costs applications under $500.


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