The Pharmacist and Patient Relationship: 12 Questions to Ask, by Maher Ishak, Woodbury Pharmacy

Maher Ishak’s Woodbury Pharmacy is located in Highland Mills, New York. With a history of more than 15 years, the pharmacy counsels patients on prescription and non-prescription drugs, provides fulfillment services, and helps patients determine the best course for self care.

Ishak has written before about questions to ask your pharmacist, and this article focuses on further questions to ask, specifically about a medication currently being taken. While Woodbury Pharmacy provides expert counsel, it’s up to the patient to take control of their health.

1. Does the medication include written instructions for use?
2. How often should I take the medicine and must it be at the same time?
3. Should it be taken with food and drink or on an empty stomach?
4. What should I do if a miss a dosage?
5. Can I take it with other medications, or are there certain medications I should avoid?
6. What are the side effects? What should I do if I experience any?
7. How should the medicine be stored?
8. What are the stipulations for refills?
9. If I don’t finish the medication, can I save it for future use?
10. Does the medicine expire? When?
11. What should I do if I don’t feel the medicine effectively treats my symptoms?
12. What’s the best way to get in touch if I have further questions?


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