Maher Ishak, Woodbury Pharmacy, Discusses Coptic Orphans

Since 1988, more than 27,000 children have benefited from the services of Coptic Orphans. Focused on aiding fatherless Egyptian youths, this organization operates 44 dioceses throughout the nation. Affiliated with local bishops, Coptic Orphans combats poverty and social injustice while providing individuals with important tools.

The programs led by Coptic Orphans engage members in a number of areas. “Not Alone” teaches children about their rights and connects them with a local mentor. Girls acquire self confidence and skills through “The Valuable Girl Project,” which offers one-on-one guidance and interactive activities. Widows also gain from this group through the “B’edaya” initiative that educates them on micro-enterprise and self-sufficiency. Those wanting to support Coptic Orphans can sign up for its International Volunteer Programs and the Serve to Lean endeavor. To gain more information about this group, log onto

About the Author:

Originally from Cairo, Maher Ishak, Woodbury Pharmacy’s Supervising Pharmacist and owner, has aided customers of Woodbury Pharmacy in Highland Mills, New York, since 1995. In philanthropic matters, Ishak donates to Coptic Orphans.


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