Customer Service Tips for Pharmacy Technicians, By Maher Ishak of Woodbury Pharmacy

Pharmacy customers, by definition, tend not to be feeling well in one way or another. Therefore, pharmacy technicians should keep in mind that their actions can be magnified or misinterpreted in the eyes of a stressed customer. Observing the following guidelines can help ensure that pharmacy customers walk away satisfied every time they visit.

1. Be discreet. Never react visibly to a prescription. Your face and body language should show no difference whether you are filling an order for birth control pills, Viagra, or aspirin.

2. Answer questions. Customers sometimes have questions about their medications, and you should be prepared and willing to provide information when necessary. If you cannot, offer to call their doctors or ask your supervisor.

About the Author:

Experienced pharmacist Maher Ishak helped Woodbury Pharmacy develop a strong rapport with its customers as the store’s owner, supervising pharmacist, and manager for 11 years. During his tenure at the shop, readers of Strauss Newspaper twice nominated it the Best Pharmacy in Orange County, New York.


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