Non-Profit Organization, Coptic Orphans

Maher Ishak on Non-Profit Organization, Coptic Orphans

Over the years, I have taken a particular interest in the non-profit charity, Coptic Orphans. I received my pharmaceutical degree from Cairo University and pursued my career in America, but despite having lived in the United States for over 20 years, my time in Egypt is still very meaningful to me and I take an interest in various Coptic charities.

Based on a 2009 UNICEF study, a stunning 1,700,000 children have lost a parent to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Coptic Orphans offers opportunities to sponsor Egyptian children without fathers. Since it can be a challenge for mothers who are single to provide for a family in Egyptian society, Coptic Orphans also offer aid to the mothers. Donors help provide food, shelter, and education to orphans and widows alike.

Furthermore, volunteers work with thousands of children in programs to build self-esteem and personal goals. This religious-based organization has been given a four-star rating by Charity Navigator, and in 2012 it was nominated for a philanthropic honor called the Classy Award.

I believe that it is important to support the youth of our nations, as their condition during their infancy and adolescence can determine their future. Through its blog, Coptic Orphans keeps donors up to date on the organization’s progress. For more information, visit


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